The EITM Summer Institute curriculum will be split into several modules, featuring lectures by the following faculty:

Sean Gailmard (University of California, Berkeley)
Rebecca Morton (New York University)
John Patty (Washington University in St. Louis)
Kevin Clarke (University of Rochester)
David Primo (University of Rochester)

In addition, a number of lectures will be delivered by other faculty visiting the EITM institute.

A primary goal of the EITM summer institute is close mentoring of the participants by other scholars working in similar areas who understand the challenges and opportunities of developing a research agenda in the EITM tradition. Thus each student participant will be matched with a faculty mentor (Mentoring Faculty in Residence or MFR) to provide consistent, supportive one-on-one feedback about the student's work throughout the entire institute (and, often, long after it's over).

The MFR's for 2013, as usual, are among the most promising young scholars from across the empirical fields of political science:

John Ahlquist (University of Wisconsin)
Jennifer Bussell (University of Texas)
Shawn Ling Ramirez (Emory University)
Alex Theodoridis (University of California, Merced)
Dustin Tingley (Harvard University)
Jonathan Woon (University of Pittsburgh)